Car Shipping Cost: How Much Does it Cost?

So how much is it to transport a car?

The price to ship a car depends on the type of auto transport service you’re looking for. For a standard-sized car going from New York to California, the average cost to ship a car will be $1,400-$2,500 depending on the level of service and time of the year.

The auto transport industry has a wide range of prices from hundreds of different companies that ship cars. This price drastically changes depending on the equipment used to transport the vehicle. The amount charged reflects the cost of their equipment, the price of fuel needed to ship your car, and the quality of service you will receive.

Car shipping cost depends on the level of auto transport service you choose

When you need to ship a car determine the type of service and protection you’re looking for before you start comparing car transport costs. It’s important to understand that different services have different average costs to transport cars and you want to ensure you’re comparing similar services when making a decision.

Once you determine what type of car carrier you want to ship your car with it’s important to ensure you deal directly with the carrier. Brokers add their commission to your car shipping cost making it more expensive than working with a car carrier directly.

At ExecuShip Auto Transport, we never broker any of our shipments out and only ship cars with our experienced car haulers. We have one of the best team of truck drivers and equipment, who solely drive for Intercity Lines, and handle all of our car shipments. Therefore, you always know that you and your car is receiving the highest level of security and service.

We’ve led the auto transport industry in service and reputation for decades as being the best car carrier for nationwide car transport in the United States! Find out how much is it to ship a car with ExecuShip Auto Transport today! Get a price to ship a car with ExecuShip Auto Transport here!

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